GoldCoin Network®

GoldCoin Network is a cryptocurrency based on Chia's Proof of Space and Time consensus algorithm.

GoldCoin aims to become a viable day-to-day currency by being used to pay things that you love and act as a store of value.

This without any control of any sort, fully decentralized.

Proof of Space & Time consensus is the answer to both environnemental and economical downsides Proof of work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are facing.
Even with a Netspace of 100 EiB, GoldCoin would still consumme 0.04% of Bitcoin's annual electrical consumption. GoldCoin transactions are most of the time free (or less than 1% at worst) and instant as farmers are always encouraged to farm blocks.

Start farming Gold with your unused space storage !



Install for Ubuntu 20.04

Let's mine GOLD!


Install now on Windows

Let's mine GOLD!


Install now on MacOs

Let's mine GOLD!

Download database

Most recent height database

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How to start farming gold with my unused space storage?

First download and install Windows installer
Open the GoldCoin .exe, then create a wallet or use your Chia's one
->Go to Plots section
->Add Plots
If you need some more infos about how to create a plot please check this excellent tutorial :
Once created, your plot will automatically be added for farming
If one of your plot find a proof you'll get rewarded by 2 OZT !

PS : You can start farming immediately by downloading the latest database file !

“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, it must be demanded by the oppressed.”
Martin Luther King, JR. 1963

Freedom, Decentralization & Equality